stitched painting on paper
northstar studio


river chart 4 — detail:
stitched paper, 19" x 27", 2004

Stitched paper paintings start with a blank sheet of very sheer white or rice paper, which is then stained and painted with acrylic.

By varying the order in which colors are introduced, pigment density, drying time between layers, whether the paper is wet or dry, and other variables, I’m able to achieve different effects that emphasize edges, opacity, color mixing, and texture.

The painted paper might be torn and combined with other painted papers, or simply treated as a single piece, fused with additional layers to stabilize and strengthen the structure, then free-motion stitched using a sewing machine, and enhanced with hand embroidery.

Profile of the Artist
Chicago Tribune

The stitched line is an integral part of the composition, adding color, direction, and movement.